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Reminder software.

GrizeR is a desktop reminder software that helps you to organize and schedule your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly tasks, important events, appointments, etc. You can create any number of one-time or recurrent reminders you wish, and choose the type of the alerts for the notification about the incoming events.

To create a new reminder, right-click the GrizeR system tray icon and select Add Reminder from the menu. You will see the following dialog:

Specify the reminder text, time and recurrence. The following recurrence options are available: once, every day, specified days of a week, once a month, once a year.

You can specify the exact reminder time or click the Approximate button and choose from the menu the approximate time. For example Afternoon or Tomorrow evening.

Switch to the Sound tab to set up the sound notifications for this reminder. By default, the global Sound settings will be used.

Switch to the Extra tab if you need some additional notifications. Our reminder software can launch any application or URL, or send an e-mail message to the specified recipient.

When the reminder occurs, GrizeR will show a pop-up notification window, and fire the other selected alerts. This windows requires a user's interaction:

  • Click the first button to close the notification window and stop the sound playback.
  • Click the second button to edit this reminder (this will also close the notification window and stop the sound playback).
  • Click the third button to delete this reminder.
  • The last button will show the Remind Later menu, that allows you to specify the exact or approximate time: In 10 minutes, In the evening, Tomorrow afternoon, etc.
Should you wish, you can disable the pop-up and sound notifications, by checking the Silent mode option on the Extra tab. In this case GrizeR will just launch an application, or send an e-mail message, whatever you have specified.
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