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Reminder editor.

To open the reminder editor, switch to the Reminders tab and double-click the reminder you are willing to edit. Or use the first toolbar button to create a new reminder.

On the Reminder tab you can specify reminder text, time and recurrence. The following recurrence options are available: once, every day, specified days of week, once a month, once a year.

On the Sound tab you can configure the sound notifications for the current reminder. By default, the global Sound settings are used.

On the Extra tab you can enable some additional notifications. GrizeR can launch any application or URL, or send an e-mail message, when the reminder occur. By default, it will also display a pop-up notification window and play a sound (see the Notifications page for more information). If some of the Extra notifications are enabled, you can disable the pop-up window notification by checking the Silent mode option.

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