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Holiday and birthday reminders. When this kind of reminder occurs, GrizeR will play the sound specified with the Sound settings dialog, and will show the notification pop-up window:

The click on the first button will open the Congratulations dialog. The click on the second one will close the notification dialog and stop the sound playback.

Other one-time and recurrent reminders. When this kind of reminder occurs, GrizeR can do the following:

  • Show the pop-up notification window. This feature is always enabled, unless you have checked the Silent mode option on the Extra tab of the reminder editor dialog.

    Click the first button to close the notification window. The second one will open the reminder editor dialog. The third button will delete the reminder. And the last button shows the Remind Later pop-up menu. This menu allows you to select the approximate time to repeat the reminder. For example Afternoon, Tomorrow in the morning, etc.
  • Play a sound (the specified number of times with the specified interval, or repeat it until you will close the notification pop-up window).
  • Launch any application or open any URL.
  • Send a notification e-mail message.
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