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Contact list.

With GrizeR you can easily manage the list of your contacts: add, edit, delete, import, group, and filter.

  • Use the File - Import Contacts menu item to import contacts from a CSV (comma separated values) file created by any e-mail program or service. GrizeR will automatically parse its structure and extract needed data.
  • To create a group, double-click some contact to edit it, then type the group name into the Groups field. See the Contact editor page for more information on this.
  • To add contacts to some existent group, select the Groups - Add to Group popup-menu item, and choose the desired group (see the screenshot above).
  • To remove the contact from the certain group, select the Groups - Remove From Group popup-menu item, or open the contact editor and modify the Groups field.
  • To filter the contact list, use the View field on the toolbar. Select the group from the list or type it manually. You can enter several group names separated with commas, and use the minus sign, to create the complex filters. For example, the Friends, Family, -Office filter will show only the contacts that are included both into the Friends and Family groups, and not included into the Office group.
  • The filter only hides the contacts, not disables them. All holiday and birthday reminders will occur normally.
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