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Contact editor.

To open the contact editor, switch to the Contacts tab and double-click the contact you are willing to edit. Or use the first toolbar button to create a new contact.

On the General tab you can specify general information about the person: name, birthday, gender, e-mail address to send the congratulation messages. Also you can include this person to any number of groups, and then filter the Contact list by these groups. You can type several group names into the Groups field (comma separated), or select one group name from the drop-down list. All the group names, you have manually typed, would be available in the drop-down list for all other contacts.

Switch to the Holidays tab to select the holidays that touch on the person. Use the filters to show only the relevant items, and check the holidays you wish to congratulate this person with. There is a Click to modify button against every private holiday. Click it to specify the date of the event.

GrizeR will automatically show two reminders for all the holidays you have checked: three days before the holiday and the holiday itself. The second notification dialog will have an option to send a congratulation message.
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