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Birthday reminder software.

GrizeR is a powerful and easy-to-use reminder software. It can act like an ordinary reminder software, which means that you can add any number of one-time or recurrent reminders you need, and receive the different notifications when they occur. But it also includes several handy and unique features, intended to simplify the management of the person-based reminders like birthday reminder, anniversary reminder, etc.
  • Contact list. The program allows you to manage the list of your contacts, add them manually or import from the popular e-mail programs and services. For each contact you can specify the date of birth and other personal dates, select from the list the public holidays to congratulate this person with, and specify the e-mail address to send the letters of congrtulation.
  • Holiday list. The holiday list is updated from the GrizeR website, and currently contains the holidays of 7 countries: France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and United States. You can use the filters to view only the holidays of the specific country or category (state, private, professional or religion).
  • Holidays assignment. GrizeR supports the fast both direction holidays assignment. Which means, that you can select the contact and specify its holidays, or select the holiday and mark the contacts you wish to congratulate with it.
  • Congratulations. You can send the letters of congratulation directly from the program. GrizeR will act like the regular e-mail client to send the congratulations, and will remember to which contacts you have already sent them. Thus you can be sure, you will never send any duplicate messages.
Please see the on-line help to learn more about creating the ordinary reminders, filtering the contacts, reminders and holidays, managing the contact groups, and much more...
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